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New unique Bitcoin Faucet Safe Bitcoin - Try yourself in the safecracker role.

Rules of the game:

  • Here's 9 safes, In each of which is a prize.
  • But is unknown amounts of money are found in the safes.
  • Every day / hour sums of money in the vaults will be different.
  • You will have two attempts. If the amount extracted from the first hacked safe you are not satisfied you can try to open another.
  • Attention, if you decide to open a second safe first amount will be UNAVAILABLE for you.

Cracking time:

  • For work you have certain tools with which you open the safe (hammers, pliers, picklock, explosives, drills, devices for listening, etc.)
  • After cracking the safe, you need time to recover instruments
  • This time is 10 minutes (CLAIM EVERY 10 MINUTES)

Good luck!!!

Terms and conditions of use.


  • Create multi accounts
  • Use of bots
  • Use Anonymous Proxy

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